Let’s get real for a moment. I have had a broken relationship with my birth father for over two decades – its very sad to my heart and what little girl doesn’t long for a special connection with their Daddy. Mine simply doesn’t exist. I am fascinated when I discover and experience Dads who are […]

Lifestyle Photography, Portrait Editing

Master Editing and Painting collaboration

Beyond Photography

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I’ve been working with Gold Country Senior Services for a couple of years now on their headshot images, and brand marketing materials to help them elevate their programs through imagery. I had a blast with this amazing division and a group of volunteers for their firewood program. A desire to have an epic group image […]

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Beyond the Headshot

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I’m always blown away at how I have the privilege of being invited into someone’s most sacred moments where I get to hear the heartbeat of my client’s desires – sometimes these desires are hidden and need to be explored. I love exploring and diving in deeper with my clients, I’m one who has learned […]

Family & Maternity, Lifestyle Photography

Capturing Sacred Moments

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I had a stylized photoshoot I was planning for the local agriculture and farm industry in my community. As I was driving around town, I found this amazing turquoise truck and my mind went crazy with the possibilities. My mind went straight to a farm that I remember as a youngster and it was nostalgic. Impactful imagery literally […]

Stylized Marketing

Don’t Tell Me No!

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I often feel poetic when I’m photographing – perhaps it is because it is my passion and I get to view through a lens that is special, unique, and personal. Every day, stories unfold before my eyes and often I am helping to craft these stories and yet sometimes, they craft themselves and leave an unexpected […]

Business, Nature

Never Truly Alone

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